Virginia Bicyclists Die In Hampton Roads And Richmond

The Virginian-Pilot recently reported that a bicyclist died in the Hampton Roads area after being hit by a van while riding down Northampton Blvd. near the border between Virginia Beach and Norfolk. According to the Norfolk Police, the bicyclist was struck at approximately 12:25 p.m., and was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene. In a similar story, the Richmond Times-Dispatch also reported on a bicyclist being fatally struck in Richmond by an SUV. Initially, the driver of the SUV fled the scene, but later came forward and admitted being the driver who hit the bicyclist. According to the driver, he unintentionally collided with the bicyclist while driving down a stretch of road that did not have a bicycle lane, was narrow and lined with heavy vegetation.

While the articles did not report the exact causes of the accidents or determine who was at fault, many bicycle accidents, injuries and fatalities are caused by the inattention of the drivers of cars, buses and trucks. Often times, even if the investigating officer cannot determine who caused the accident, a more thorough investigation conducted by a specialist trained in accident reconstruction can properly assign fault and allow the proper party to be compensated for his or her injuries.

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