Virginia Woman Wins Big Verdict in Slip & Fall Case

A Norfolk jury recently awarded a woman who slipped and fell in a grocery store $1.25 million dollars when she slipped in water that had collected near a freezer. She suffered a disk injury in her spine requiring surgery.

Slip and fall cases can be difficult to win under Virginia law. The injured party must prove that a dangerous condition existed on the premises that the owner either knew about (this is called “actual” notice) or should have known about with the exercise of reasonable care. If the premises owner actually created the dangerous condition, then it will be deemed to have actually known about the problem. However, in most premises injury cases, the plaintiff has to show that the condition existed for such a period of time (or had been complained about previously) that the owner should have corrected it. At Pierce & Thornton, our attorneys have successfully handled cases involving injuries caused by hazards or defects on a business premises. We can assist in investigating and preparing your claim if you call us.

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